A quantum computer, i.e. utilizing the resources of quantum physics, superposition of states and entanglement, could fournish a polynomial or exponential gain in computing time, depending on the task. A simulation using such resources is called a quantum simulation. The advantage of quantum simulations over classical ones is well established at the theoretical, i.e. software level. Their practical benefit requires their implementation on a quantum hardware. The quantum computer, i.e. the universal one, has not seen the light of day yet, but the efforts in this direction are both growing and diverse. Also, quantum computation and simulation have already been illustrated by numerous experimental proofs of principle, thanks too small-size and specific-task quantum computers or simulators. At a purely theoretical level, quantum simulation already provides a broad understanding of several types of quantum dynamics in terms of (quantum) information-theoretic principles. The QIQSD will be dedicated to state-of-the-art research in both quantum information and quantum simulation. Both theoretical and experimental research will be presented.


Andrea Alberti (IAP, Bonn, Germany)

Pablo Arrighi (LIF, Marseille, France)

Damian Markham (LIP6, UPMC-CNRS, Paris, France)

Armando Pérez (DFT and IFIC, Valencia, Spain)

Clément Sayrin (LKB, Paris, France)

Yutaka Shikano (RCAST, Tokyo, Japan)

Igor Mekhov (SPEC CEA / Univ. Oxford / St. Petersbourg State Univ.)

Marc Brachet (LPS ENS, Paris, France)

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The conference will start at 9:00 AM at the following address:

Université Pierre et Marie Curie
4 place Jussieu, 75005, Paris, France
Metro line 7, metro station "Jussieu"
Lab: LERMA, corridor 24-34, 5th floor

Once you have reached the 5th floor, you will find the entrance of the lab. We shall leave the door open.
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Pablo Arnault: 00 33 6 71 90 21 00
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